Factory Information

Our factory includes state of the art machinery for knitting, cutting, printing, embroidery, sewing, finishing and quality control operations. We always strive to add more value to our customers by being focused on the quality, accuracy and timely delivery of our products.

With a total production area of around 45,000 sft, and over 400 modern machinery, we manufacture roughly 2 million pieces of garments per year.

  • 9000 sft in Ground Floor For Knitting, Embroidery & Store
  • 9000 sft in 1st Floor for Finishing Section and Administrative Offices
  • 9000 sft in 2nd Floor for Garments Sewing (for BKIL)
  • 9000 sft in 3rd Floor for Garments Sewing (for SKIL)
  • 9000 sft in 4th Floor for Cutting, Dinning, First Aid & Prayer Room

  • Factory Total Area = 9000 sft X 5 = 45000 sft

    Our knitting section is equipped with 14 Single Jersey, 2 Fleece, 1 Rib/Interlock, 1 Multi-feeder Single Jersey and 4 Flat-Knit Collar Machines.

    Knitting Area - 9000 sft

    Daily Knitting Capacity - 3000 Kgs

    Our cutting section has an area of 7000 sft and is equipped with 300 ft long cutting table.

    Daily Cutting Capacity - 12000 to 15000 pcs (depending on style and design).

    Our printing section has an area of 5000 sft and equipped with 300 feet long printing table.

    Daily Printing Capacity - 8000 to 10000 pcs (depending on style and design).

    Our embroidery section is equipped with 3 embroidery machines with a total of 60 heads.

    Daily Embroidery Capacity - 5000 to 6000 pcs (depending on style and design).

    Our sewing section consists of 12 complete sewing lines in two separate floors. Each line is equipped with 20 to 25 sewing machines (depending on the style and layout).

    Sewing Area (2 x 9000) = 18,000 sft

    Total Number of Machines - 310 machines

    Daily Production Capacity:

  • T-Shirt - 8000 pcs
  • Polo Shirt - 4000 pcs
  • Sweat Shirt - 3000 pcs
  • Our finishing section has an area of 7000 sft and equipped with 25 vacuum iron tables and other packing and packaging facilities.

    Daily Finishing Capacity - 10000 to 12000 pcs (depending on product)

    We continuously strive to improve our customer satisfaction levels by manufacturing and delivering the best-quality products to satisfy the needs of our clients. Our Quality Control Department comprises of an extremely competent and professional quality management team consisting of a Quality Manager and Quality Assurance and Quality Inspectors who are primarily responsible for:

  • Strict montiroing and regular inspections.
  • Ensuring that the product specifications of our customers are adhered to at all times.
  • Ensuring timely deliveries by strictly adhering to delivery schedules.
  • Thinking from the customers’ perspectives.

  • Our quality control section consists of the following machines:

  • Multi Light Colour Viewing Booth
  • GSM measuring machine
  • Washing Machine
  • Dryer
  • Metal Detector
  • Sampling is an integral part of our everyday operations. Our sampling department is managed by a team of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen who have their focus set on the most minutest of details. Using the state of the art machinery in our sample making section, they are responsible for delivering quality samples in accordance to the style and colour specifications of our clients.

    Our sampling department consists of a 20 manpower setup with the relevant technical expertise for quick consumption analysis. There are 25 dedicated machines with a daily production capacity of around 50 to 75 samples comprising of 10-15 different designs. Our sample delivery time starting from the receipt of raw materials is roughly 48 hours.